Hurricanes Grill – Top Ryde, NSW

Top Ryde, NSW


I went to Hurricanes because all my cousins who live in Sydney say the ribs are amazing. It’s now a chain with the restaurant in top ryde one of several locations. Being a rib enthusiast I had to do the ribs even though they did have a couple of steaks on their menu. I went for their full rack of pork, with extra basting($45).

They were a bit busy and I regretted not telling the waiter to make sure they are charred well so I could avoid another ribs and rumps situation.

The smell of the chargrill was intoxicating and all I could do was wait in anticipation.


They came out looking delicious and I dug in. At first taste I was slightly disappointed by the sauce, it was kind of lack lustered in terms of depth but the more you used the better it became. The pork was charred nicely and so tender that it made the ribs enjoyable eating.


While the food wasn’t anything mind blowing, it was enjoyable and left me feeling satisfied and full, I couldn’t ask for more.


I did a revisit about 3 weeks lat     er, I normally despise going back to a place unless it’s absolutely amazing but this was a steak review.

Also needing to try the ribs again I went with the half/half combo, a 200g top sirloin and a half rack of pork ribs.

The ribs were much nicer this time around, charred a lot better and the sauce was much tastier, more of a representation of what so many people say is the best rib in Sydney.


The steak was also lightly basted in the rib sauce, it was charred in typical fashion, criss cross marks all over. I’d ordered it rare, hoping not for an overcooked piece of meat which would be grainy and tough and I wasn’t let down. I cut in and it was rare. In actual fact it was blue. Barely warm but tender and carrying a texture of sashimi cut tuna with visible marbling in the piece; It was better than it being over cooked. The flavour was ok, nothing outstanding, not actual seasoning simply basted in their signature sauce.


I still would, and have gone back for the ribs, but I can’t i’ve done the same for the steak.


How well it’s cooked – 8.4

Flavour – 5.1

Tenderness – 7.8

Overall – 7.1


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Blue Gum Hotel – Hornsby, NSW

Blue Gum Hotel
Hornsby, NSW


I’ll be honest; I broke my rule due to the lack of choice around work and have been to the Blue Gum 3 times now. The first two times I was there for lunch I was quite sick (not from the food), and had the beef sliders which were ok, and a schnitzel which was great.

This time round I opted for a steak review. I knew from previous visits I was ordering the 300g wagyu rump. I had it cooked medium rare with chips and salad. I’d usually stick to a rare for a rump, but the menu said 7+ marbling so I really wanted the fat to melt.


The Blue Gum also have a BBQ option, you can cook your own steak on a bbq there.

15 minutes later the steak was ready, it was order and pick up (like so many places I’ve noticed in Sydney).


It looked ok, not a very heavy aroma and slightly thinner than what I was expecting. It was cooked adequately but not amazingly. Upon tasting I was underwhelmed. Slightly under seasoned, no great char and the tenderness was sub-par for a wagyu rump. You definitely couldn’t tell it was 7+ wagyu.


The best part of the meal was probably the pepper sauce, amazingly done.


How well it’s cooked – 7.4

Flavour – 5.9

Tenderness –5.6

Overall – 6.3


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