Squires Loft Essendon

Squires Loft Essendon                                                                                                                 18/09/2013

I remember the first time someone mentioned Squires Loft to me, they said “go there for steaks”, and so three years later I finally decided to take their advice and made my way to The Squires Loft in Essendon.

After arriving we were seated and given menus. If you haven’t been to The Squires Loft in Essendon it has a very business feel to it, square timber tables with leather seats with no real mood lighting.

A quick skim and it all seemed to be in good order, the first page showed where the cuts originate on the cow from along with the types of beef on offer while the second page had the cuts and size they serve.

The Beef at Squires Loft is sourced from the Western district of Victoria and Gippsland with their CAAB having a minimum time of 120 days grain feeding.

I ordered the 400g CAAB Angus Porterhouse cooked Medium Rare ($46) which according to the menu is basted with the Squires Loft secret baste and comes with chips, a baked potato or a side salad.

After around a 30 minute wait the food arrived, thereafter the waitress offered us various mustards (Hot English, Seeded or Dijon) which was a nice touch.

The first bite gave me mixed feelings, the baste was slightly overpowering which drowned out the flavour of the actual steak.

As I continued however it began to balance out leaving me with a slight tangy, Smokey and charred flavoured steak.???????????????????????????????
The overall beef flavour was lighter than I was expecting without much marbling and the char wasn’t as consistent as I would’ve like but the steak was cooked quite well with it being tender to cut.

How well it’s cooked (Medium Rare) – 7/10

Flavour (overpowered and light) – 5/10

Tenderness (Tender to cut) – 6/10

Overall – 6/10

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