The Terminus Hotel

The Terminus Hotel
Clifton Hill

The last time I went to the Terminus was due to the guys at parma daze. They had good things to about the parma there and rightly. This time however I was here for the steak.

Walking into the Terminus the ambiance and style of the dining room hits you immediately; slightly dim lighting from olden style lighting fixtures which beat down softly over the Stone wall, which is integrated into a more modern masonry finish with artsy French posters sprawled around the venue.


After being seated and handed menus it was straight to the steaks- split into two categories, grain fed beef and pasture Fed beef. Familiar cuts donned the menu; T-bone, porterhouse, rump, rib eye, eye fillet and scotch fillet with the beef being sourced from various locations across the country.
All steaks were to be served with hand cut chips or fries and salad, plus your choice of pepper, béarnaise sauce, garlic butter or mustards.

I opted for the 300 day grain fed 200g Wagyu Rump from the Rangers Valley in NSW, electing to have it rare with the hand cut chips, salad and béarnaise sauce on the side.

Within 20 minutes the food was on the table and I was slightly impressed given the number of other diners in the restaurant.


First impressions of the steak were good; there was a decent amount of char, both visually and aromatically.

Cutting into the steak it was cooked to a near perfect rare, with visual marbling – I was expecting this due to it being grain fed wagyu.


Flavour wise it was deliciously Smokey and had lovely black char-grill marks on it which helped the natural beef tones. It also had a somewhat creamy texture on the tongue. I did feel however that it was not given a heavy enough seasoning, lacking slightly in salt although both pepper and salt were available on the table.
Being a rump I wasn’t expecting pure tenderness which was the case. For what it was, I was content.
The béarnaise was ok, more zesty than I’m used to, with the flavour of the beef and char I found myself using it more for the chip than the steak.

How well it’s cooked (Rare) – 8

Flavour (Charred Beef) – 7.5

Tenderness (Rump Tenderness) – 6.5

Overall – 7.3
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