Other Adventures of the week (8th -15th)

Don Dons

Don Dons is (at least for me), the proverbial student fast food. I’ve been coming here for a quick take away – you get your food and change at nearly the same time(well you used to) – and tasty lunch for around 3 years now, and in that time I’ve seen their prices rise by a mere 60 cents.

Personally it’s still worth every cent; however I’ve been avoiding them recently due to their move to less homey premises. I had feared they had changed and was considering abandoning them entirely due to irreconcilable differences.

Like any meaningful relationship I decided to give it one more try.  Last Tuesday I went in after Uni to order my usual Chicken Teriyaki with extra sauce and extra rice ($6.9) – both extras at no charge – waited around 1 minute and was presented with my meal, something similar to below.

(I forgot to take a picture in my hunger but this one is was on Urbanspoon)

I added a little chilli powder and dug in. Hot and fresh, it was the taste and feeling of old.

It’s not a 5 star meal but when you’re hungry and you need a quick, cheap fix of Japanese, Don Dons is a great place to stop.
Don Don on Urbanspoon


Farm Vigano

Thursday night I was in the mood for another steak but laziness got the better of me and instead of heading to a place on my “list” I opted for a low key saunter down to Hogs Breath at the newly opened Pacific Epping.

Arriving shortly after 7 to my dismay the place was fully booked, I opted for a quick meal somewhere else in the area but Laurie Dees was full and the China Bar was buffet only and at $55 a head I couldn’t justify it against my slight lack of extreme hunger.

Thinking of where else to go close by, Farm Vigano popped into my head. A friend of mine who taught me how to make pizza highly recommended it, and on arriving there I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was dark now and we simply following the lights, and arriving at the building it was inviting, semi-formal and highly romantic with a country feel to it. Seated next to the window you could see out into the countryside.

I scanned the menu, no steak in sight, pizza it would be.

We ordered 2 pizzas, the Melanzane; Pomodoro topped with fior di latte, roasted eggplant, roasted zucchini & dehydrated tomatoes and the Bianca scamorza, which was a tomato free pizza with an E.V.O oil base, scamorza cheese, capocollo, mini roma tomato, parmesan & basil.


Both were great, flavours and texture outstanding, though I think the lack of tomato sauce on the Bianco caused the base to become a bit too crispy.


Afterwards I ordered a tiramisu which I had been craving for days. It was light, creamy and all together delicious. I would highly recommend an evening here with a great white wine, a couple of pizzas and the sunset.
Farm Vigano on Urbanspoon



I remembered that it was Oktoberfest, so Friday birthed an impromptu visit to the Hofbrauhus. I had never been to the restaurant before so I was excited. We ordered a couple beers to go with the pork knuckle, pork schnitzel and the mixed sausages.

The schnitzel was amazing; I wouldn’t have thought that pork would be so juicy, tender and flavourful. And the potato salad rivals one of the best I’ve ever tasted.


I had never had a pork knuckle before and was completely dumbfounded when it showed up on the table.


It was huge, roasted well; it flaked off the bone while the crackle was crisp and flavourful. I would definitely recommend it.

Lastly the sausages came out. After the first two dishes they were good, but seemed lack lustred, they were just sausages in the end Nothing wrong with them but compared to the other meals slightly forgettable.


A lot more beer – and a couple shots of schnapps – was consumed afterward, quite possibly too much, but nevertheless the Hofbrauhaus, while expensive, is a great deal of fun.
Hofbräuhaus on Urbanspoon

Lord of the Fries (Chapel St.)

Saturday saw me nursing an atrocious hangover, which was finally cured at 2am after a gorging at Lord of the Fries. I have good memories of LOTF but recently it’s been going the way of McDonald’s, popping up everywhere lately, Brunswick st, chapel st, numerous locations in the city, quality is the price of success, as the LOTF of what I used to know is slowly being diluted.


Between 3 of us we ordered 2 large boxes, 2 standard boxes (one of each were their sweet potato chips), 2 burgers and one nuggets & onion rings munch box with various sauces. For 2am, It was glorious. I could feel my heart slowing but I was so hungry it didn’t matter.

Unfortunately we couldn’t do it justice and one large box went to waste. A shameful effort in my opinion.



I had to go back to Uni on Tuesday again, but my plan of getting up early and grab a couple of doughboy doughnuts did not happen, so in consolation I decided for lunch I’d grab some Hero Subs.

They do 7 different types of subs, along with pockets, chicken wings, hot donuts and drinks having a bottomless option.

Each sub comes in either a half for $7.8 or full for $11.8 with your choice between white or wholemeal bread.

I opted for half a KidRoyale and half a BytheHour.


The BytheHour (above) had bbq pulled pork, slaw and corn salsa.  It was sweet and soft with a delicious crunch given by the slaw and corn.

The KidRoyale dissimilarity was Roasted Beef with onion rings, honey mustard and spinach; it was a lot heavier but equally as enjoyable.9

If you’re looking for a filling lunch around Uni – it’s literally in building 80 @ RMIT – Hero has you sorted, although if you’re looking at tasting more than one go with a friend, while 1 full is $11.8, 2 different half subs are $15.6.

Hero on Urbanspoon

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