Madame Sousou – Fitzroy


Madame Sousou

This was a last minute decision with a work colleague of mine; I mentioned that I had a 2 for 1 main meal offer and he was on board.

After finishing work, we arrived around 7.15. Walking in there was French music playing, heaps of mood lighting and classic antique fixtures. The whole place was draped in a 1940’s motif. One wall was lined with classic paintings while the other was lined with champagne and wine bottles and crates – Trè France.

Skimming the menu there was only one steak, the steak frites – a 300g porterhouse (grass fed Victorian black angus) with café de Paris butter and pommes frites ($36).

We decided to go all out and ordered an entrée as well, electing for the Charcuterie board – a selection of house made charcuterie items including terrine du jour, duck and rabbit rillettes, and chicken liver parfait, ($25)


The Terrine was interesting, not bad by any means but not my particular favourite. The rillettes was great, textured well with a good balance, but the star of the board was the chicken liver parfait. It was luscious and velvety, we savoured every bite.

The entrée took about 20 minutes to arrive from the time we ordered, and once we were finished the main was around 25 after that – a welcome break in order to fit everything in.

When the steak arrived the waiter warned us the plate was very hot, which of course meant that I was compelled to touch it. Once again, lesson learned.


First impressions of the steak were good; it was a thick piece of meat and had a lovely black crust on each side, giving off a charred garlic and herb aroma. As I was basking in the beauty of this particular chunk of meat, the waiter reappeared with two bowls of French fries, or as I like to call them, ‘maccas fries’.

I couldn’t be too upset really, in the end it was a steak frites – and these were frites.


Cutting into the steak was fairly easy, no sinew and grizzle, just soft tender meat with near faultless flavouring. This particular steak was amazing with it also being perfectly rare inside.

After the steak we were brought dessert menus and recommended the cheese plate.

Taking the waitresses advice, we chose it. 4 different types of cheese with breads and contrasting sweet pickles and pastes.


Madame Sousou has got something good going. Great service, great wine and a gem of a steak.

How well it’s cooked (Rare) – 9

Flavour (Divine) – 8

Tenderness (Stupendous) – 8.5

Overall – 8.5


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