Vorea @ Polaris – Bundoora

Vorea @ Polaris

Vorea is an anomaly. The north is not known for great restaurants and yet Vorea exists. I knew of the Vorea Café at university hill however this one was a complete surprise discovery.

It was a rainy Tuesday when I walked in, and despite the weather it was quite full. The space they’ve opened up was much sleeker than I was expecting. It was completely urban: concrete, wood and marble finishing with mood lighting to boot.


But enough about that, let’s move onto the steak.
We were seated and given menus, and while it wasn’t overly extensive, if I wasn’t there for the steak it would’ve been a tough choice.

They had 4 steaks on offer: an eye fillet, sirloin (aka porterhouse), rump and, somewhat surprisingly, a flat iron steak. It wasn’t so much of a “why is that there” surprise but more of a “wow, this chef is confident with his chargrill”.

I decided to go with the 300g Rangers Valley (NSW) 300 day grain fed wagyu sirloin ($32).

All steaks were served with a choice of steak house chips and chopped salad or seasonal vegetables and mash potato and you choice of Pepper, mushroom, red wine jus, béarnaise, café de Paris butter.

I went with the chips, salad and red wine jus (on the side), opting for my steak cooked rare.

Now In the 20 minutes between ordering and receiving the steak I was worried I’d have another Groove Train situation but my worries evaporated when the plate was set in front of me.

Visible grill marks, Smokey charred smell and crisp charred strip of fat at the top. This steak looked great. The chips well cooked and the salad came in its own separate bowl.


Cutting into it I was a little unsure if it was truly wagyu, there was little marbling with it being a lean porterhouse (perhaps too lean) which made it slightly less tender around the ends.

As you can see it was superbly cooked,  although perhaps a touch too long on one side.
The seasoning was impeccable, the salt and char married well leaving a delightful sweet smokey flavour in your mouth. Topping it off, the Jus was one of, if not the best I’ve had.

Anyone looking for great food at reasonable prices with great service should absolutely visit Vorea, you won’t be disappointed.

How well it’s cooked (Rareish) – 7

Flavour (sweet, Smokey heaven) – 8.5

Tenderness (adequately tender) – 6.5

Overall – 7.3


Vorea Grill on Urbanspoon

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