The Rainbow Hotel – Fitzroy

The Rainbow hotel

Saturday was a really nice day and I wanted to spend it eating and drinking in a beer garden. The Rainbow was another on my list which I kept putting off so I decided to round up a few friends and head over.


The beer garden is interesting, two areas basically, one covered with booths and a pool table then the second part open to sun with wooden tables lined by a small garden and trees. Finally, there’s the hole-in-the-wall bar where you can grab a drink and place your food order. I do recommend a jug of the 4 Pines pale ale.

Now their menu has 3 steaks: a 450gm Gippsland rib eye on the bone ($31), a 300gm 1824 rare breed Angus porterhouse ($24) and a 300gm Full blooded Wagyu rump ($28). All steaks are cooked to your liking, served with either roasted garlic butter, peppercorn sauce, horseradish, chimichurri or red wine jus and your choice of 2 complimentary sides with the option to add Dijon, wholegrain or English mustard as well if you’re keen (no Pun Intended).

The decision was hard. I wanted either the rib eye or the rump, tenderness for flavour, which do I sacrifice?

My stomach was the deciding factor with my hunger helping me choose the Rib Eye. I ordered it rare with the standard chips and salad, opting for the chimichurri on the side. My friend opted for the same, but coleslaw and red wine jus instead.

In the 25 minutes between ordering and receiving the rest of the guys showed up and ordered parmas, theirs only arrived 10 minutes after ours which was good. I must admit, I did have a slight hint of order envy as they showed up; they were not only huge but looked fantastic. ‘Next time’, I told myself.


Onto the steak, the plate was set in front of me with the offer of cracked pepper and mustards to which I kindly accepted (Dijon being my choice). The first thing I noticed was the pile of coleslaw instead of the salad, the other being a lack of char marks. Now, on the menu it didn’t say “chargrilled” but I thought I’d make sure, so I asked the waitress to double check for me. She said it was pan grilled.


It was crisp, with a nice crust on the outside and a generous amount of salt. The beef itself had a lovely flavour which when paired with the mustard was great, the chimichurri however was not what I was expecting and did not suit the dish at all.

The texture and tenderness were also good with it being cooked quite well too, no complaints in those departments either.


The Rainbow is a great pub and would be an exceptional local playing host to good beer and cheap quality food. However, the steak while pleasing, lacked that final “wow” factor.

How well it’s cooked (Rare) – 8

Flavour (Beef and Mustard Melting moments) –   6.2

Tenderness (Tender) – 6.4

Overall – 6.8

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