Carre Noir – Chatswood

Carre Noir

Work recently had a conference up in Sydney; naturally, I planned to use this opportunity to scope out some eats nearby. On arrival however I was informed that all meals were being provided. I was slightly disappointed as I’d prepared a whole list of places to eat, but nevertheless it was a chance to broaden my blogging horizons.

I must admit that with all my research I had not even heard of Carre Noir.

The place was part of the Chatswood Concourse just opposite the performing arts Centre.  Upon arriving it seemed manufactured with black and yellow trim.


We sat outside overlooking the lawn and wishing pool. It had a nice ambience outside and the staff were super friendly.

Now, there were about 20 of us and they gave us a much shorter menu than the standard one which was shown on the door as we walked in., It was a Eurasian fusion menu, combining European styles with Asian flavours.


They had a steak but it didn’t sound appealing to me so I opted for the pork schnitzel, hoping it would be something like the Hofbrahaus house.

Due to the number of people our meals were significantly staggered with one table of 10 receiving their meals about 10 minutes before anyone on our table did. Once the food arrived however no one was complaining about the waiting time.


My schnitzel was nothing like what I had imagined. The crumbs had a rather spicy kick to it while the inside was not actual meat, but confit pork which had been formed into a sort of terrine then crumbed and fried.
I was surprised to find it worked really well, the salad lent crunch and sweetness which complemented the schnitzel and beetroot puree flavours.

Around the table there were slight mixed reviews with other dishes, some people loved the KFC (Korean fried Chicken) others not so much, the steaks all seemed to please but no one was sure how to eat it properly, while the fish and chips was over battered and soggy.

After dinner I decided to get some Blue cheese, Papillion Roquefort made from ewes milk, it was served with fruit paste, fresh fruit and lavoush.


It was wonderful, creamy, delicate and slightly spiced.

While the schnitzel was good, the standout of the meal would have to be the cheese, which while not particularly a bad thing, leaves room for improvement.

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