The Bourbon – Kings Cross

The Bourbon
Kings Cross
The first steak of the trip. I’d read good things in The Age and I was determined to get there and try it for myself.

The Bourbon is an interesting place; it’s right on the corner of Darlinghurst Rd and Macleay St, past all the strip clubs opposite a couple of stores which look like they’ve been there for about 30 years and the EL-Alamein Memorial Fountain.

It seems like the odd one out, this new sleek colonial-esque decorated building. The inside was also really well set out but the music was a bit too loud.

There was only one steak on the menu for lunch, the 250g scotch fillet with garlic butter ($24).I ordered it rare, the waitress mentioned I was literally getting a piece of steak on a plate and asked if I would like some chips. I skimmed the sides on the menu and spotted their Mac and Cheese with Jamon and truffle toasted brioche crumbs ($9). It sounded amazing and I had to have it.

As I waited, The Bourbon grew on me. Although it’s really more New Orleans it reminded me of Europe, and sitting outside you get a real view of the streets and can enjoy a bit of people watching.

The meal came out quickly, 15 minutes from the time I ordered to my table.

The steak looked great, charred grill lines and smokey, and the garlic butter, unexpectedly, was already melted in a separate dish. This did wonders adding to the aromas.


It was brilliant, everything coming together perfectly: salt, pepper, char, garlic, and the tenderness, forget about it. It was so soft I was amazed. The genius of melting the garlic butter was great too; it was foamy at the top with oil down the bottom and added so much to the meal. The only things (and it they were minor) was the beef didn’t stand on its own as much as I was expecting from a scotch fillet and it was slightly uneven with it being med rare at some points (may just be me be pedantic) but for $24, this was a gem of a steak.


Onto the mac and cheese. Now normally I just mention the side and if it was good or not but I’m making an exception for this dish. It was phenomenal. The Jamon and truffle were light but clear and definitely made the dish. It all just worked properly, the pasta cooked to perfection, the cheese completely creamy and the crumbs bring crunch. This, in my opinion is the best side I’ve had with a steak.


If I had a place I’d like to call a local, the steak better be something like this because for a price like that with the quality they are serving it may be hard to beat.

How well it’s cooked (Ordered rare, arrived Rareish) – 8

Flavour (Garlic buttered and seasoned well) – 7.5

Tenderness (Tenderized) – 8.5

Overall – 8

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