Bellaccino Espresso Bar – Castle Hill

Bellaccino Espresso Bar
Castle Towers


This was not a planned stop on my steak tour. I was with some of my cousins and we couldn’t settle on a place to have breakfast, when this sign for a $14.50 260g scotch fillet caught my eye.


We took our seats and were handed menus. It was pretty basic café stuff, breakfast, wraps, salads and slightly larger meals.
I knew what I was getting so I didn’t bother really having a good look. When the waitress came, she was on an iPod touch (which we all mistook for her phone), turns out it was the “notepad” she was writing our order on. I didn’t like the informality and the unfriendly nature of it but nevertheless I placed my order, scotch fillet cooked medium rare with chips.

Around about 25 minutes later the food arrived.


It looked ok, pan griddled with char marks, but not seasoned enough. The chips were homemade and beer battered but not done incredibly well, all of them were slightly soft and there was no crunch.

As I ate it, the texture and tenderness was somewhat unusual paired with no real beef flavour being registered. But I can’t expect a top notch piece of beef for $14.50 now can I?
It was unevenly cooked ranging from a little past medium to medium rare.



In the end I got what I had paid for, a cheap meal that while not overly appealing to my tastebuds, filled me up.

How well it’s cooked (ordered medium rare) – 5

Flavour (cheap meal cheap meat, under seasoned) – 4

Tenderness (weird texture not that tender) – 5

Overall – 4.6

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