4 Doors – Mill Park

4 Doors
Mill Park

4 Doors is one of those “I don’t want to drive more than 10 minutes but I want a decent meal” type places, and it thrives on local regulars.

I’ve been once before, I remember the meal. It was good but nothing overly special but I didn’t remember the interior being as it was; slightly urban and quite casual with an unexpected homely vibe.

They had two steaks on the menu, an eye fillet and a porterhouse. I’ve really never gotten into why I don’t order eye fillets (sometime soon I promise), so, the only option I saw was the porterhouse which was served on a bed of garlic rosemary potatoes, with warm Mediterranean char grilled vegetables with balsamic and olive oil topped with basil pesto ($32). I ordered it rare with the pesto on the side. I was having dinner with a friend and she decided to get the same but ordered hers medium rare, as well as a bowl of chips to share.

The food arrived rather quickly, the steaks looked okay although the vegetables and potatoes were many and slightly unappealing.WP_20131123_0071

It smelled great, the pesto really vamped up the aromas and salt of the steak but there was a lack of pepper with no shaker in sight.WP_20131123_0041

Cutting into the steak we were both equally disappointed. Mine (first picture) was cooked to a medium, hers well done.WP_20131123_0111


The flavour wasn’t much better. The pesto saved the steak, creating tastes from the basil, oil and salt which helped enhance a fleeting beef flavour. Thankfully while being overcooked somehow it was still tender enough to pass for a fairly decent meal with the bowl of chips (neither of us enjoyed the vegetables.)

I was not expecting too much from 4 Doors and they delivered on my expectations. I think with a bit of fine tuning, a change of sides and proper cooking they could have a good steak on their hand.

Guest Rating (Over cooked but it had a nice flavour) – 5

How well it’s cooked (Badly) – 3

Flavour (Safeway grade meat) – 4.5

Tenderness (Surprisingly tender) – 6.5

Overall – 4.6

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