Lounge – Melbourne

Lounge/Gloria Swanstons Kitchen
Melbourne CBD

I’ve blogged about Lounge before, and it’s no secret that I have a certain fondness as a Uni student for Lounge. It’s a trusty old favourite, and with the new Gloria Swanston’s kitchen the place has been better than ever.

I walked in and was torn whether to get the steak, which was a blackened 200g porterhouse served with grilled corn, green beans and house potatoes or an assortment of various styles of sliders. I chose the steak cooked medium rare.


About 20 minutes later the meal arrived. The spice rub was clearly visible and had a consistent char and smokey aroma but it only looked okay, nothing spectacular.


Cutting into it revealed a centre of grey and pink, it was cooked medium well, and coupled with the fact that a porterhouse is quite lean made for tough eating. WP_20131201_0141

The beef flavour was light and unimpressive; however, the Cajun spices added a nice touch. Unfortunately, the sides were average too.

As a bar, I love the Lounge and was super disappointed with their steak. If you ever find yourself there go for their assortments of sliders.

How well it’s cooked (ordered medium rare, arrived medium well) – 3

Flavour (Cajun spiced) – 5

Tenderness (not really tender) – 4

Overall – 4

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