No.8 by John Lawson – Southbank

No. 8 by John Lawson


I went to No.8 back before John Lawson came into the picture. The place hasn’t been overly renovated but it seems different – more mood lighting and the light fixtures seemed more distinctive.

It has a very business feel to it, quite refined but not overly personal.WP_20131204_0081

I started with the Foie Gras and chicken liver parfait served with sweet mulberries and toasted sourdough ($24), followed by the 250g grass fed Black Angus Rib eye off the ($44). I ordered it medium rare and grabbed some hand cut chips ($8).

The foie and chicken was fantastically whipped and the addition of hazelnuts nuts was a good touch to the texture.
It was great paired with the berries but the serve needed more of them.  The dish was spectacular as a whole, but then again I am a sucker for foie parfait.

The Scotch fillet looked phenomenal, grill marks, a sweet char smell served with a red wine jus and roasted garlic.

It was served on a warm plate which was also a nice touch.  The first bite mesmerized me; it was possibly the tenderest steak I’ve ever had.  The Jus was thin yet flavourful though possibly a dash too much vinegar but the garlic was a nice finish adding fantastic flavour. The chips however were also served with fried garlic bits which were a bit of an overload in my opinion.


It was medium rare but unfortunately was cooked too much to one side leaving it medium.

Dining at No. 8 was a great experience and the steak was, while having very minor problems, great with amazing flavour.

How well it’s cooked (ordered medium rare) – 7.5

Flavour (seasoned and paired brilliantly) – 9

Tenderness (unbelievably tender) – 9

Overall – 8.3

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