Lady Bower – Reservoir

Lady bower

I’ve wanted to go to Lady Bower ever since I first heard they did a lamington milkshake, but always get side-tracked.

I finally found my chance on a ridiculously hot Saturday last week. I suggested Lady Bower in hopes of finally getting that shake.


We arrived and were greeted and offered a seat at their communal table (everywhere else was full) or alternatively were invited to try and brave the sun, which we decided to do.

We were given water and ordered a couple of single origin (from Peru) long blacks as we sat perusing the menu, deciding what to eat.


I looked it up and down and wanted to get a combination of 3 sandwiches and sides and share but my friend wasn’t up for it this time around, so I ended up ordering the pork and apple slaw roll with sriracha mayo and a side of chorizo beans.  To my dismay they had changed the milkshake but did tell me the lamington one would possibly be back soon, and settled for a salted caramel one instead , while my friend ordered the roasted chicken sandwich.

About 15 minutes and one smooth, delicious long black, later our food arrived.

My friends’ Chicken sandwich was picturesque. He was really happy with his choice, simple premise and well accomplished, with a slight twist of mint which he considered a fantastic addition.


My pork belly with sriracha and apple slaw looked really good. The flavour was well balanced with the crackling, slaw, juicy pork and creamy spicy mayo created an interesting and memorable twist, on a well-executed classic. It was thoroughly enjoyable.


While the Beans were flavoursome and the chorizo adding depth and spice, my friend enjoyed them more than I did due to the way they were cooked. While still creamy, they had a bit of a crunch to them whereas I prefer creamy soft cooked beans. They were good beans done well, however it does come down to personal preference.


The salted caramel milkshake was good but rather lacking in a wow factor, it was in essence just nicely flavoured milk.

After eating lunch I was jonesing for something sweet but not overly rich. The waitress suggested any of their wonderous baked goods, including 2 types of cupcakes, a chocolate brownie and a ginger nut maple butter cream yoyo which I thought sounded perfect.


It was a dense, lightly gingered biscuit with a sweet cream that had just enough maple to stand out but not overpower. It was a great end to a great lunch.


Simple, quality, homemade classics with great twists seem to be Lady Bowers calling card and they are doing it well. I can see myself going back there for one of their enjoyable sandwiches or  divine baked goods, who knows, maybe next time I’ll finally get to try that lamington milkshake.
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