Laurie Dees – Epping

Laurie Dees

I’ve been on board the Laurie Dees train since they opened about 2 years ago. It was my go to burger when Epping plaza went through renovations a gaping hole was left in my heart some 10 months ago.WP_20131207_0071

Fortunately they are back bigger and better. The Laurie Dees wall is still at the back of the store but the place has all new digs, more booths, urban contemporary light fixtures and an open kitchen.


I love Laurie Dees; it was a weekly habit so I’ve tried basically everything on the menu.

I’m a huge fan of all the burgers, all have fantastic flavors and are perfect comfort foods. The Sloppy Joe is an interesting one, far different than what you’d expect, while the sandwiches are equally good. The shoestrings fries can be topped with cheese and meat if you’re feeling extravagant. The only “eh” items are their hotdogs and nuggets. Both are ok but nothing to rave about.

This time around I went for my personal standard order, the double bacon and cheddar.


The Burger Adventure was here recently and I think they made a mistake not ordering something with bacon. Laurie Dees Does amazing bacon, it’s the short rib version crispified to a chip which,  is still incredibly flavorful. The meat, all minced daily in house, is balled up and when ordered and smashed onto the grill with a spatula. Seasoned with their secret blend then put together with fresh ingredients on a sesame seed bun, it’s fantastic.


The beef is fatty, juicy and deliciously crisp on the outside, the cheese is perfectly melted and the trimmings (tomato, pickles, and onions) work harmoniously with everything. I usually like a bit more BBQ sauce so mine was dripping with that too.


I am in complete agreement with the burger adventure, if you have not been to Laurie Dees, Go now!

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One thought on “Laurie Dees – Epping

  1. Totally agree with review on the burgers. Best tasting burger I’ve had and the ‘crispier’ edges of the patties are really intensely flavoured.Their ‘special sauce’, slightly reminiscent of the Big Mac sauce, works really well. Minor complaint is the buns are slightly smaller than their patties, so the fillings are ‘exposed’ and easily fall out. Also, for big eaters like me, even a double pattied burger doesn’t fill you up at almost $10.00. Their fries aren’t my cup of tea as the seasoning tastes like chicken salt. They also have about 8 post mix flavours with free refills for the ‘large’ size. Not cheap, but their burgers are the best!

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