Meadow Inn – Fawkner

Meadow Inn

One Friday for lunch during work I headed over to one of the local hotels with a co-worker. Naturally, I decided that I was going to order the steak, two birds with one stone kind of thing. Lunch and a review, what could be better?

I scanned the grill section. They had the standard cuts, porterhouse, rump, rib eye etc. I decided to go with the 400g rib eye, cooked medium rare with chips, salad and garlic butter ($34).

The steak arrived about 15 minutes after we placed the order. It looked ok, nice char grill marks but no smokey smell or flavour.WP_20131206_0011
The overall meat was lacking in flavour, as was seasoning with the steak also being somewhat tough and grainy. The final nail in the coffin was the fact it well overcooked, served medium well to well.WP_20131206_0051

I don’t have too many positives for the steak; you could’ve easily replicated at home for ½ the price.


How well it’s cooked (ordered medium rare) – 3

Flavour (average at best) – 3

Tenderness (just no) – 3

Overall – 3


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