Trunk – CBD

Trunk (Diner Menu)
Melbourne CBD

Soon after I had a steak at Coopers Inn, another friend of mine rang me saying he was in the city looking to have an early dinner. I wasn’t overly hungry but I could’ve eaten so I suggested Trunk, right across the road from my last review not even 2 hours prior.


I ordered the steak, a rump with chimichurri (on the side of course), a rocket salad ($25) and some of their BBQ chicken wings ($12).

The chicken wings were sticky, slightly burnt and all together delicious; I definitely need to order the BBQ pork ribs next time.WP_20131212_0191

When the steak arrived it was not as I expected. It was all cut up next to the salad with chimichurri everywhere. While I ordered it medium rare (the menus recommendation), it arrived medium at the best bit and was pan grilled with minimal char.


The steak was not tender (even by rump standards) at all, and I had a tough time putting it away. The chimichurri however was great, and the saving grace in terms of flavour. It rescuing what otherwise would be a pretty uninspired and ordinary steak (albeit steak salad).


Trunk is really cool place for food, after work drinks, or any drinks really, I’d personally just stick to their burger.

How well it’s cooked (too well, in a bad way) – 3

Flavour ( thank god for sauce) – 6

Tenderness (need teeth, strong teeth) – 3

Overall – 4

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3 thoughts on “Trunk – CBD

  1. I had the steak the other night and inhaled it. A mouthful of the salad with the steak and sauce drizzled – too good. Haven’t tried the wings but you made them sound perfect. Will try next time.

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