Piqeuos – Carlton North

Carlton North

This was a rash decision of mine. I was on my way to La Luna when I walked past and was drawn in.


The place looked fantastic; a chargrill aroma filled the brick and mortar style room.

We were led through the restaurant to our seats, the restaurant housed a pleasant ambience helped by Low hanging fluorescent lights and very interesting copper tables, and it had a classy yet local comfort.


I decided to start with the scallop which was incredibly cooked with a chilli kick. It was served with some tangy mayo mustard which went really well. It was Charred awesomeness. (In my haste I forgot to take a

I was disappointed when the waitress said the short ribs were all finished for the day, but nevertheless they still had 2 steaks on the menu. We ordered the baby chicken in Peruvian spices, the wagyu rump and the quinoa salad.

About 20 minutes later the Wagyu arrived, served with a lime cheek and some house made chimichurri.

The steak was fantastic, well-marbled, and so tender there was no need for a steak knife. Beautifully charred and Smokey with amazing seasoning and cooked to perfection, a squeeze of lime, a touch of chimichurri and I was in heaven.


The chicken was moist as anything, flavoured exquisitely with mild spices giving it a complex and exotic sweet spicy flavour which was very enjoyable.WP_20131210_0141

The salad was interesting; sour and bittey with a little crunch.  Enjoyably fresh, it contrasted the steak and chicken well.WP_20131210_0131

We finished everything (the flavours were lick the plate clean good) and had a problem. We only ordered one of each dish to share and were still hungry, so we ordered the sirloin, med rare again.

15 minutes later the sirloin arrived smothered in chimichurri.WP_20131210_0201

Despite that, it had a crunchy char outside with good flavour, helped by the addition of the chimichurri but was slightly under cooked, presented rare. As to be expected from a sirloin, it wasn’t as meaty as the rump but just as tender, still not requiring a steak knife.


Piqeuos had really flavoursome dishes and what felt like an authentic yet refined take on Argentinian food. Absolutely worth a visit, regardless of if you order the steak.


How well it’s cooked (Medium Rare) – 9

Flavour (Argentinian grilling) – 8.5

Tenderness (No steak knife needed) –8.5

Overall – 8.7


How well it’s cooked (Slightly under        ) – 7

Flavour (Chimichurri goodness) – 7

Tenderness (No steak knife needed x2) –8

Overall – 7.3


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