Charcoal Grill on the Hill – Kew

Charcoal hill on the grill


I have a special place in my heart for the Charcoal hill on the grill; It was the steak that inspired this blog. The last time I had the 500g Wagyu rump MBS9+ which was divine.  One of the most well rounded steaks I’ve ever had; it was perfectly cooked, beefy, creamy, tender and just perfectly balanced flavour.

A colleague of mine was leaving for Queensland and had lived a 2 minute walk from Charcoal hill on the grill for 3 years without ever going, so naturally I told him we’d all have to go before he left.

We were greeted with a friendly smile and invited to take a seat at our table. From the moment you enter you can see steak. Sitting right opposite the door is a cooler showcasing the cuts they currently have on offer, as well as a meaty smokey aroma bellowing from the grill a few feet beyond.


The place is all wood grain with a splash of refined dining. Much like the Chophouse but less duengoenesque and a more classy old school grill house with a pleasant ambiance and a surprisingly mixed crowd.

There were three of us dining and we decided to make it meal of it, ordering the duck sausage and their house made specialty the Chevapchichi.

For mains, I was originally after the  9+ Wagyu scotch fillet but they had unfortunately run out so I opted for the next best thing the 300g 9/10+ Wagyu porterhouse which looked like an astounding piece of meat.


I ordered it rare medium, figuring a proper steakhouse can manage it while my colleagues ordered the 300g 5+ Waygu scotch fillet each choosing to get it medium rare (all steaks come with chips, shredded cabbage and cos lettuce).

Around 15 minutes later the entrees arrived and I started with the duck sausage. It looked like a plain everyday sausage and tasted like one too. Now I’m not saying it was a $2 Coles sausage but it wasn’t gourmet by any means and it had little duck flavour.


The Chevapchichi on the other hand was delightful, slightly spicy, well flavored and charred to perfection. It was soft, fatty and still pink in the centre, a fantastic entrée and a good sign for things to come.

20 minutes later the steaks arrived.


A Smokey, charred piece of meat was placed in front of me, it looked perfect.


As I ate I could taste impeccable nature of their seasoning, faultless salt and pepper coupled with the stupendous char and smokiness.


The inside was cooked to a near perfect rare medium with plenty of fatty marbling visible throughout, giving a marvelous creamy and tender texture, and while having a significantly high MBS still retained a surprisingly heavy beef hit compared to other wagyu cuts I’ve previously encountered.

The guest ratings for the scotch fillets were 7 and 8 respectively.

How well it’s cooked (Almost perfect) –9.5

Flavour (salty, sweet, fatty and fantastically charred) – 9.5

Tenderness (creamy, soft and tender) –9.5

Overall – 9.5

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