Bottega – CBD



Originally I wanted to go to Gazi on this particular day; I had had enough waiting and really wanted to have their duck souvlaki. They were, however, fully booked, which left me to find another restaurant at the last minute. While browsing online I settled on Bottega. Their black garlic sauce had me (I’ve tried black garlic once before in Madrid and it has haunted me ever since), and I let my friends know of the change of venue and met them there later that night.


We were all hungry when we sat down and after perusing the menu decided on ordering 3 entrees to share as well as the mains. After a little deliberation we went with the chicken liver pate: gruyere bignoli the frito misto (recommended by the waitress) and the carpaccio.

First out was the chicken liver pate: gruyere bignoli and it was amazing.


The parfait was luscious and creamy while slightly warmed by the freshness of the baked gruyere bignoli, drizzled with golden syrup dressing, coupled with the savory cheeseyness of the gruyere bignoli made for a great combination of rich & savory.

The carpatico and frito misto arrived shortly after.???????????????????????????????

The carpaccio was good with an intriguing flavour, it was overly tender and the mustard truffle cream, oil and capers added a great finishing touch.

The frito misto disappointingly was only ok.


It was just a bunch of fried stuff in my opinion with no defining flavour or style. The maionaie however was great.

For the main I ordered the scotch fillet, cooked med rare. It simply came with chips and the black garlic sauce.

On arrival it looked really appealing, but did lack a bit of colour on the plate.???????????????????????????????

I was also disappointed with the lack of chips, there being only 4 planks of potato on my plate. The first bite of the steak was good. It was well salted and had a good charred flavour, but didn’t really have any defining wow factor which was a shame. The garlic added a nice touch but was also underwhelming as a sauce, it felt like it was lacking in something.

It was cooked very unevenly, ranging from medium well on one side to medium rare on the other which was disappointing and rather annoying. ???????????????????????????????

It changed the tenderness of the entire steak as well, some parts being great while others being overly grainy and about as tender as your average rump.

While the steak was a little disappointing, the overall meal and service was great; coupled with a welcoming ambience and an intriguing menu, I’d happily visit Bottega again, even just for that parfait.


How well it’s cooked (uneven and overcooked) –5.5

Flavour (salty and charred but lacking) – 7

Tenderness (Grainy Rump Tenderness) – 5

Overall – 5.8


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