Excelsior – Thomastown



On my boss’s last day in Melbourne we decided to go out for lunch. The area I work in has a great but unfortunately narrow selection of places to eat, so we decided on one of the two local pubs, The Excelsior.

It’s your average suburban bistro style interior, nothing overly flash or even particularly inviting.


It had a very similar menu to the Meadow Inn so I’m assuming it’s one of those chain type pubs all stemming from the same conglomerate owners. I saw the menu and went for the Graizer 300g scotch fillet, cooked med rare with chips, salad and garlic butter on side. ($32)

My boss was the only other person to order a steak as well; he went for the Rib Eye, also medium rare, which was potentially the same meal I had a while ago at the Meadow Inn.

Around 25 minutes later the food was up. The plate looked ok but the aroma had me worried.


It was grilled with heavy char marks but clearly over gas due to the absence of peat.
The texture grainy and too lean for a scotch fillet, and coupled with the steak being cooked past medium did not do the meal any favours.WP_20140116_007
The Garlic butter was good but the inherent lack of seasoning undid all its good work. In summary the Beef did not standout at all and I felt as though I was eating a charred cardboard like substance.

My boss’s steak was also overcooked and quite under seasoned. Considering we had just gone to Charcoal Grill on the Hill this was a major disappointment. He rated it a 3.5

How well it’s cooked (overcooked) – 4

Flavour ( charred garlic and slightly beef like cardboard) – 3

Tenderness (grainy but edible) – 3

Overall – 3.3


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2 thoughts on “Excelsior – Thomastown

  1. Hi there, Big fan of your blog.
    I find those pubs that are run by ALH to cook very poor steak. I have been to the Westmeadows tavern and they have the same menu also. The steaks were poorly and had the most disgusting char flavour, I almost sent it back (But I hate sending back food…). ALH is the company that runs most of those typical pubs, if you look at the pub’s website they all use a similar template… best to avoid…

    I will however suggest Ivanhoe Tavern Charcoal Grill Steakhouse… worth a look… 🙂

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