Mr Mason – CBD

Mr Mason
Melbourne CBD

Mr Mason was basically empty on this particular Monday night; I’m never sure how to feel about a place being empty. Does it mean it’s bad, or does it mean that we’ll have better food and more personal service?

A friend of mine had her birthday here about a month ago and since then I’ve been meaning to go back; luckily for me she had a $100 voucher as well.


The menu at Mr Mason is modern European with heavy French influences, and prior to arriving I had already scoped it out and knew what I was going to order.

For entrée I decided to go for the duck liver parfait (surprise surprise), and for the main I chose their version of steak frites, a scotch fillet medium rare served with pont neuf potatoes and béarnaise sauce. My friend wasn’t overly hungry and decided to skip the entrée and ordered the pork belly and lion for her main and ordered the cheese plate for us to share after.

The entrée arrived about 10 minutes after we ordered.


The parfait flavour was great and it was seasoned well, but unfortunately wasn’t overly creamy, while the brioche it was served with was too thick, though perfectly toasted. This particular parfait was served with nectarines, which was an interesting twist from the usual suspects. It was a nice change but they needed to be a touch sweeter, and I wouldn’t have minded having a few more.

2o minutes late the mains arrived, the steak smelling of a smokey, sweet, slightly burnt char. Safe to say it was both aromatically and visually appealing.


My friends pork, two cuts done two ways also looked great.


I tried the béarnaise first, deciding whether to use it or not. It was ok, but not the best.

The steak was great, cooked really well and perfectly seasoned; the beef flavour was amazing, salty, smokey, charred just the right amount with hints of pepper as you ate. It was truly a pleasure to eat.


While it was tender, it wasn’t  spectacularly so, the same could be said for the pont neuf potatoes and a weird parsley salad.

This steak was flavour heaven and cooked to perfection, while it wasn’t super tender it was still good and as I ate it I did not want it to end.


How well it’s cooked (Medium Rare) – 9

Flavour (Charred, well-seasoned beef) – 9.5

Tenderness (Rump like Tenderness) – 6.5

Overall – 8.4

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