Naked In the Sky – Fitzroy

Naked in the sky

Naked For Satan is one of my “I miss Spain and pintxos” places, but with the addition of the roof last year it’s become a great place for day drinking. I’ve never had the chance to try the restaurant up there though, so I finally organized late drinks with the hope it would lead into an early dinner.


My plan went into motion perfectly and before long we were gathered around a table reading menus when my friend put his down and said “Order for us, we trust you.”

After little deliberation I had decided on all but one, they had two styles of meat, a sirloin or a Wagyu intercostal (the meat from in-between the ribs). I questioned the waitress as to which she’d recommend and what the cooking styles were like, and she immediately replied the intercostal.

All together I ordered the intercostal Wagyu, which was cooked in a slow, braised sort of way, the short rib and bone marrow croquettes which was one of the specials, the hazel and cracked wheat salad, and baked zucchini flowers.


The croquettes were the first dish out, the shear excitement I had due to the filling of marrow was paramount and I was hoping not to be disappointed. As I cut through it I saw a lovely chunk of soft, fatty marrow and shreds of the short rib all held together by an oozing cheese sauce. Biting in you got a real crunch from the outside, while the inside was heart stopping rich.


The zucchini came out next; they were baked, stuffed with a pea and mint picada and truffled goat’s cheese.  They were quite long, bigger than any zucchini flower I’ve had previously.

The stalk was (obviously) just zucchini simply baked; but the flower was filled with the aforementioned mint, lemon, peas and cheese. It was pleasantly bursting with flavour, creamy and zesty with a touch of the mint.

Along with the zucchini, the salad also arrived. WP_20140119_0141
It was layered with the different ingredients all giving it different levels of crunch and texture. The lentils, hazelnuts, cracked wheat and pumpkin seeds were good but there were possibly too similar in style with the only thing breaking them up being the shredded iceberg lettuce. It was a good fresh salad but lacked a zest or tang of sweetness and differentiation.

Finally, the Wagyu arrived.
It was bathed in a red wine and herb reduction. It looked amazing and smelled great. The flavour was rich with sweet, salty and fatty tones, while it flaked away being so soft and tender.  The meat was served with whole shallots that were great, adding more sweetness as well as roasted potatoes that were perfectly cooked and fluffy.

Naked in the Sky is a great place for beer, wine or their infused vodkas, and with the kitchen putting out spectacular food coupled with stunning views, it makes for a splendid vibe.


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