The Secret – Epping

The Secret


I drive past The Secret weekly and never give it a thought; I’d been once before a long time ago and didn’t enjoy it.

I was lazy one Tuesday and decided to go there after my sister said that it had changed and was pretty good now.

We arrived, and she was right. The place looked different from what I remember. It had a nice vibe, nice ambient lighting, with low music and lots of chatter. As we went to sit down meals were coming out of the kitchen and the portions looked rather large.

They had  two steaks, a rib eye and a porterhouse, I went to order the rib eye but was disappointed to find out that they’d run out; hearing this I moved to the porterhouse, rare with chips (instead of mash), salad, mushroom sauce, and garlic butter on the side.


We also ordered some dips and breads as entrees.  They came out rather quickly and were huge. There was so much bread that we couldn’t finish it before the mains were ready 30 minutes later.


The way they usually serve the steak is with the sauce over the steak. So mine came out without seasoning as they said they don’t season their steaks at all. It was pan grilled and not very flavourful which is where the sauces came in.


The Mushroom was phenomenal, creamy, and buttery and rich while the garlic butter was good too, and was served melted and creamy which was interesting.

The steak itself was grainy and not tender,. Not that it was tough, just passable. The actual beef flavour was light and without the sauces was average at best. It wasn’t cooked too well either with it being medium to scarcely medium rare.


My sister also ordered the porterhouse (with the mash) but got it medium well (I never approve of this) and said that hers was overcooked as well and the mash potatoes were flavourless, lumpy and clumped together.

The other meals coming out looked good and I definitely want to try their parma, but I wouldn’t be ordering the steak again.


How well it’s cooked (not well) – 5

Flavour (Mushroom sauce saviour) – 6

Tenderness (Coles meat Tenderness) – 4.5

Overall – 4.8


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