Two by Two – Northcote

Two by two

There has been an influx of new restaurants at the end of High St as of late, Two by Two being one of many I hoped to try in coming weeks.


I walked into a sleek contemporary restaurant that was draped in wood trim and lovely mood lighting.


I joined my friend who had already been seated and perused the menu.

It was a Thursday on which they have a 2 course set menu with a glass of wine for $40. On offer this particular night was the chicken liver parfait and crispy pan fried gnocchi with tomato Napoli and a couple other things I forgot to jot down, but it was different to the regular menu item.

We ordered that meal then the o’connor beef served with potatoes, bacon, mushrooms and roast shallots and the leek and gruyere croquettes, I wanted to order the steak rare, however I was informed that it was sous vide so the absolute maximum I could have it was medium rare. I was ok with this, but wasn’t sure if I should consider sous vide cheating. I also asked for the duck fat potatoes instead of the potatoes dauphinoise.


The entrees arrived about 15 minutes after we ordered. I went straight for the parfait, unfortunately the set menu version was served with pickled vegetables instead of the pear chutney, but the waiter brought me some anyway.  It was superb, the parfait was luscious and creamy, as good as Madame Sousous, the brioche was a slight let down however.


The croquettes were super cheesy and salty, with the leek making it sweet and giving it perfect balance, but unfortunately they were slightly split down one side.

The mains arrived 15 minutes later and I was a little disappointed that the beef, a grass fed striploin wasn’t a steak, but more of a roasted dish. Vegetables surrounded slices of the grilled beef.


It wasn’t overly tender for what I was expecting to due the fact it was sous vide. It was cooked to a medium rare on the spot and the flavour was good, the sauce being a standout, but the meat on its own was under seasoned.

The gnocchi was amazingly light, fluffy, crispy and full of flavour, and definitely a great choice with all the elements working together so well.


I liked Two by Two, it had a great décor, the entrees were great, they had a good selection of wine and the gnocchi was fantastic. , I decided I couldn’t really rate the meal as it wasn’t a steak and the style of the dish coupled with the fact it was sous vide slightly disappointed me.

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