Gazi – CBD

Melbourne CBD

Gazi has been on my list of places to eat forever for one reason and one reason only: the duck souvlaki.

I had a friend down from Sydney and I figured it was good chance to finally cross it off the list.


Housed where The Press Club used to be, down on Flinders street and Exhibition the place has been stripped and given a rustic, yet refined look.

Flower pots hang from the ceiling at different lengths and different sizes creating a cool effect which left one of my friends mesmerized.


I went into Gazi with the same intention as Jimmy Grants to order the entire menu, however it’s a lot bigger than the Jimmy Grants one so I had to settle for around 9 things.

We ordered the trio of dips, calamari, saganaki, a souvlaki each, and I also got the corn. Then for mains we ordered the baby snapper and a half serve of wood spit chicken with the chips, and the grain salad (mostly to compare to Jimmy Grants).


All the dips were great, we had the (Sweet potato skordalia, pinenuts, orange, Taramosalata, prawn crackers and the tzatziki) served with their warm house made bread was divine; the taramosalata, the best, lusciously creamyand intense.

The fried Calamari came out as we were finishing the dips, then shortly after the saganaki did too.


The calamari was light and fresh, cooked superbly with an interestingly spiced crumb which went well with the lightly flavoured Mary rose sauce it was served with.


The saganaki was cooked well, nicely brown with a massive hit of honey giving great balance to the salty rich nature of the cheese.

The souvlakis came out next; I’ve wanted to try the duck since I can remember, and a friend who had been previously recommended me the crab one. Dear lord, they were amazing.


The crab was crunchy, perfectly cooked and seasoned, the mayo and honey combined along with the herbs created a flavour sensation which was incredible.

The duck was also superb, the onion and pear gave it a nice crunch and texture creating a harmonious taste.


The last two things to come out were the Fish and the chicken. Both were done over the wood fire, the fish grilled and the chicken spit roasted.


Along with those we had a side order of chips as well as the grain salad.

The fish was flakey soft and melt in the mouth with a great char grill flavour coming through.
The chips were ok, I preferred the ones at Jimmy Grants, and the same can be said for the Grain salad. They just weren’t as good and weren’t as enjoyable.


The chicken on the other hand was great; the edges were crispy and charred with the middle still being tender and moist. It was served on white beans and a tyrokafteri sauce, which was ok but didn’t really add too much to the dish. The meat had the real flavour.


For around $60 you can eat like a king and still not finish everything unless you plan on rolling out of there. I’d recommend the crab and duck souvlaki on my life, I will be back time and time again for those.


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