Caffe Sienna – South Yarra

Caffe Sienna
South Yarra


My sister was having dinner for her birthday out on chapel st at Caffe Sienna. I had already eaten so much at lunch at The Gem and was struggling.

I didn’t order anything at first; I really couldn’t see myself eating because I was still so full.


I was sitting across from one of my sisters friends and he had ordered the steak. It looked and smelled amazing, and I had to get one.

They only had one steak on the menu, an eye fillet. Now I’ve said previously I’d get into why I dislike ordering/would rather not have an eye fillet and given that I’ve finally ordered one this is the time for that explanation.

Personally, I find that eye fillets are far too lean for steak and don’t really have that “beef” flavour. While it may be outrageously tender, I feel like you can’t enjoy having a steak when you’re eating an eye fillet beucase it lacks fat, and in turn flavour.

It came with green beans, fries and a red wine jus, I ordered it medium rare with the jus on the side.

20 minutes later it arrived smelling charred and looking good. I was asked if I’d like some cracked pepper to which I obliged.


I cut in and took my first bite. The meat was quite sweet but not salted, I added a touch and it made all the difference. The jus helped as well, it was quite good and flavourful, but also sweet and without the added salt, probably a bit too much so.

Ordering it medium rare I was a little disappointed it was bordering blue. I didn’t mind too much, however you’d expect to get a steak cooked to how you want in a restaurant, right?


There was no fat and it was unbelievably tender, but the problem with that is that there was no beefiness, only a charred flavour and sweetness. Having said that however, the addition of salt created a somewhat rich eating experience, which makes me believe that a high quality eye fillet (I’m talking grass fed wagyu MS5+, if it exists) would be a well-rounded and great eating steak.

If there were no other choice, i’d order an eye fillet again, i dare I say may even learn to like/enjoy them.

As for Sienna, I didn’t particularly mind the place but it wouldn’t be my first port of call if I was to cross the river for a steak.


How well it’s cooked (ordered medium rare) – 6.5

Flavour (Eye Fillet Lean) – 4.5

Tenderness ( Ridiculous) – 9

Overall – 6.7

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3 thoughts on “Caffe Sienna – South Yarra

    1. I honestly haven’t had it yet, Charcoal grill on the Hill is first at the moment but that’s overlooking not having been to vlados, Rockpool, steer etc.

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