The Napier Hotel – Fitzroy

The Napier Hotel


The Napier is a typical Fitzroy local, good beer, good wine, good food with a nice atmosphere.

It’s marked by a big Melbourne Bitter logo above the door so you know where it is.

They do a good parma (a little special with kangaroo instead of ham, which totally works) and I’ve heard tales of their bogan burger; a mammoth thing with beef, chicken, potato cakes and a heap of other stuff.

I was helping a friend plan a bucks night over a couple of pints of beer and we decided to grab some food.

They have one steak on the menu, a 500g aged black Angus porterhouse with chips, salad and a sauce. That week however they also had a 300 gm wagyu rump special which tempted me, but for the good of continuity I ordered the one on the menu: a porterhouse, rare, with two sauces on the side.

As I waited I saw another one come out. It looked good, nicely charred and caramelized.

After what felt like forever, but really wasn’t that long, the meals came out.


It looked good, though wasn’t char grilled but Pan fried. The chips were shoestring, and the salad looked as good as a side salad can be.


It was slightly under seasoned and un-evenly cooked. Medium-well, to rare in the middle then back to medium. The chips were basically McDonald’s chips, but over salted. The Jus was nice but the béarnaise was average at best.


Texture in parts was grainy, while other parts were somewhat enjoyable and coupled with it being only slightly tender, it didn’t really do much for me. The flavour was the same, under seasoned and very little of anything else.

For the $30 I paid it was something that I could have re-created for half that.



How well it’s cooked (unevenly) – 5.5

Flavour (didn’t feel aged or Angus like) – 5

Tenderness ( Grainy, slightly tough) –5.5

Overall – 5.4



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