The Park Hotel – Abbotsford

Park hotel


The park hotel was put on my radar when Parmadaze did their review.

I was after a quick lunch before my friend started work. We ordered the Parma ($20) and the rump steak ($16) rare with chips and salad. They had two choices of steak, a porterhouse or the rump, and the porterhouse from the Napier came to me as i was thinking about it so I decided to forgo another disappointment and ordered the rump.

It was fairly quiet, and the meals came out 15 minutes later.

The steak looked nice, as did the Parma; however you could tell the cheese needed more time under the grill.???????????????????????????????

The Parma was good, but not as good as it u  sed to be. Both the cheese and bacon were underdone, though those were about all the negatives I could find. The chicken, thick, juicy and cooked to perfection with the Napoli being amazing.


The steak was thin and it was overcooked, medium to medium rare, but thankfully was still ok. The flavour was good, slightly beefy and salted well, but could’ve done with a grind of pepper. It was served with a gravy which was nice, though I found it didn’t really compliment the steak the same way a mustard would, but went great with the chips. Tenderness wise, for a rump, it was good but still not extremely so, it was however better than the “rib eye” at ribs & rumps.


How well it’s cooked ( Roughly) – 6

Flavour (Surprising) – 7

Tenderness ( True Rump Style) – 6

Overall – 6.3


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