Peacock Inn Hotel – Northcote

Peacock Inn Hotel


My original review for the Peacock Hotel was meant to be a while ago, however due to bad timing (their kitchen closes between 3 and 6) I went elsewhere.

I finally made it back and from memory the menu had not changed at all.

I walked up to the bar and ordered the 400g grass fed rib eye, cooked to a medium rare with their mushroom sauce, pink peppercorn butter and the gravy all on the side. It was served with hand cut chips and salad; standard pub offerings in my opinion.

After a 25 minute wait it arrived and my first observation was the “hand cut chips” were planks.


I started with one of those and it wasn’t great, not crunchy on the outside and not cooked fully on the inside. I would have definitely preferred normal chips to these.


I started with the steak next. It began around a medium well, and went down towards a medium in the middle. It was grainy due to the overcooking, and had lost a fair amount of tenderness that a rib eye should carry.


Both the gravy and mushroom sauce were average and slightly flavourless; it tasted like a gravox packet mix if I’m being honest. The butter however was nice, melted over the steak it created a somewhat enjoyable flavor, and was probably the only reason I finished it. It was charred, seasoned well, with added butter creating a slightly fatty and to some extent a beefy flavour.


How well it’s cooked ( laughable) – 4.5

Flavour ( Butter is better) – 6.5

Tenderness ( below average) – 4

Overall – 5


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