The Wilde – Fitzroy

The Wilde


I first saw the place when I was doing an eating tour of Gertrude st with a couple of friends and noted it down, no idea what it was I used good to find out it was Wilde, a “UK influenced pub” It took me about 6 months, but I made it back there.

Walking in you can really tell its UK inspired, rustic, wooden and old with almost every piece of furniture being mismatched; not to mention the old piano, typewriter and hand-pumping beer tap.


They had only one steak on the menu, a 300g porterhouse with chips and a salad served with either horseradish cream or rosemary and anchovy butter. I placed my order for rare, and a friend of mine went for a medium rare steak.


20 minutes later it came out, and it looked and smelled amazing. Not at all what I was expecting; The Napier (HL) had put me off porterhouses, and pubs doing steaks in general, so seeing this was a nice surprise.


It was definitely chargrilled, and with the butter oozing down the sides I cut into it and it was an almost perfect rare. Taking my first bite it was fatty with hints of beefiness, then a good hit of char helped by the significant crunch of the burnt bits. The butter on top was superb, one of the best I’ve had and just married well into the meat, probably increasing the flavour to well over what I would’ve given it without.


The only drawback was the tenderness, a bit chewy in places. As for the chips, they were also great; fantastic homemade and double cooked. Crunchy and fluffy, they were great by themselves, though even better with the melted butter and steak juices on the plate.

The Wilde is a really cozy and quaint establishment, and it did remind me of being back in England. They can cook their steak well and the flavour they produce with that butter and chargrill is worth checking out.


How well it’s cooked ( Rare ) – 9.5

Flavour (buttery burnt joy) – 7.5

Tenderness ( slightly tough) – 6

Overall – 7.6



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