Chew – Preston




Sleek, minimalist and slightly hipster, you can smell it from a distance. The white sign glares in the darkness around it. It’s what the mid North had been missing: A good burger.


It operates next to the Racoon Club, where you can sit and eat your burger, win!

I walked in and ordered the Chew with bacon and a side of fries with their ghost-chilli salt. As I ordered I saw the other orders coming out I was impressed, it all looked so good.


I grabbed some smoke and fire sauce, a house special to go with the fries, and waited patiently for my order.

It came out smelling fantastic, but they forgot the bacon and the ghost chilli salt which was less than impressive.


The fries without the chilli salt were average, dare I say I preferred Macca’s fries. The smoke and fire was a ranch and chipotle style sauce that had a smokey aftertaste.


The line was long and the wait even longer so I decided that I’d eat the burger without bacon, it was disappointing but the rest of the inside of the burger was good, a thick well-cooked patty with great flavour going well with the sauces and salad, but the bun, for me, was a bit too dense. The pickles weren’t to my fancy either.

A good, juicy and messy burger but I if you’re far north laurie Dees still does it better.


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