Gramercy Bistro – South Yarra

Gramercy Bistro
South Yarra


I walked into the Gramercy Bistro feeling uneasy; their menu was so appealing that I had no idea, not even a shred of direction, as what to order.

Out of the group there were about 4 of us deciding to share some entrees and “small plates”, the group deciding on the wagyu meatballs and the aranchini. I decided to get a wagyu slider, brisket slider and lamb cutlet for myself as well, then for mains a rib eye cooked rare with two sauces on the side.

The entrees came out in a flurry, so quickly together that I didn’t know what to eat first.


I went with the aranchini, and it was exquisite; crunchy outside, creamy and cheesy inside with hints of lemon and herbs.


Next the Meatballs, which were equally as good, the sauce was great, the meat seasoned well and fatty with a hint of parmesan running through the dish, finished with the toasted sourdough. Lovely. Quite a delicious start.


I had the two sliders next, the brisket was ok, lovely tender meat but there was an over-supply of BBQ sauce that was quite packed flavored. The wagyu slider was fantabloulous, it was the best of the small plates, cooked and flavored perfectly and unbelievably juicy (the bread wasn’t their normal bun, they’d run out, it didn’t make too much difference).


The Lamb cutlet special was cooked nicely and served with cream cheese, pomegranate seeds and herbs. It carried great flavour when eaten together and possessed a heavy delicious char.



Soon after the entrees were demolished the mains started to appear. My steak was placed in front of me and looked exquisite. It was flavored brilliantly, having an amazing salted char.


Unfortunately the steak cooked was overcooked to medium, destroying the tenderness somewhat and pushing the texture to a more grainy feeling, and winding up ultimately too much so. The great flavour of their steak was let down by the cooking, which was unfortunate as the rest of the experience at Grameracy Bistro was a good one.


How well it’s cooked (Too well) – 6.6

Flavour (Charred and Seasoned) – 8.7

Tenderness (Slightly Grainy and chewy) – 5.8

Overall – 7.0


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