Rockpool Bar and Grill – Southbank

Rockpool Bar and Grill


Rockpool has been high on my steak list from the beginning.

I’ve been before but never made it past the delicious burger. The menu at Rockpool is both long and fantastic; so many choices leaving me with so many decisions. It was safe to say I no idea what to get but we settled on the  Alaskan King crab cocktail and the charred autumn root salad for entree.

For the main course I chose two steaks to share with my girlfriend, the David Blackmore Skirt wagyu 9+ (240g) rare and the cape grim grass rib eye, dry aged for 54 days (350g) medium rare with royal potatoes, roast pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

First out, the Alaskan crab and on tasting it mesmerised me, so many textures and tastes in one mouthful. Sweet crab with a subtle jalapeno hit and a crunchy, soft and creamy texture.


The root vegetable salad was also great, charred with a creamy sauce and soft warm cheese. Simply put, a well married salad.
The steaks came out next, cut and served evenly between us. The skirt first was not overly tender, as I had expected, it was under seasoned, however the flavour was there and it had a fantastic creaminess, cooked to perfection.

On tasting the Rib eye, it had that massive beefiness and hit of massive flavor. It was cooked  well, and I think due to its slightly more tender was my favorable cut. My girlfriend however preferred the skirt.

The pumpkin and sweet potato with garlic was great, the potatoes however were simply potatoes, with nothing special in terms of flavour until you got to towards the bottom of the bowl.


The bone of the rib eye was fantabulous (you know it’s that good when you’re making up words). But towards the end of eating, the rest of the rib eye it was slightly uneven in cooking. Even rockpool it seems can suffer the bane of cooking an uneven steak.

While the flavor of both steaks lingered in the mouth and provided an exceptional eating experience, both were still not perfect.



How well it’s cooked (Pretty perfect) – 9.6

Flavour (Charred beefy wagyu) – 9.1

Tenderness (Teeth needed) – 6.3

Overall – 8.3


Rib eye

How well it’s cooked (Unevenly) – 8.5

Flavour (Dry aged deliciousness) – 9.5

Tenderness (underwhelming) – 7.2

Overall – 8.4


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