Steer – South Yarra

South Yarra



I went in thinking I’d order the 450g David Blackmore Delmonico, but it was too thin for my liking and I went back to the drawing board. I decided to grab the O’Connor Angus Hereford as a tataki for entree ($15) while I wrestled with my conscience about which main steak to get.

In the end I decided the 1kg David Blackmore rib eye was both too rich for my blood and my wallet. I instead opted for the 1kg Sher f1 rib eye 7+ at $165, ordered medium rare, to let the luscious fat melt in.


On top of all that meat I ordered 3 sides, Steak chips, onion rings and the pumpkin chickpea salad.


The tataki was made in a long process, first poached lightly, then smoked with Japanese maple, and finally charred slightly. After all that, it’s sliced and served on a block of ice. The smoke and char definitely got into the meat, combined with the poaching giving it an amazing texture. Tender, but bite-able and flavoursome, the cut also had good marbling and beef flavour, which wasn’t over powered by the smoke and char.


About 20 minutes later the steaks came out along with three sides, at this point all I was thinking was “this is too much”.  First things first, the steak was huge. I went for the best bits first, figuring once I got to breaking point that eating it, while still pleasurable, would be a chore.

But it was exactly what I had wanted. A wagyu that was creamy, but still had that slight bite and wasn’t completely buttery. The F1 is usually classed as a 70% wagyu crossbreed, which while having wagyu properties, keeps a slightly Angus feel to the steak. It was buttery and fatty but had good beef hit and that beefy sweetness, all while being seasoned and cooked perfectly – and I mean, Perfectly (the photo doesn’t do it justice).


It was charred, salty, beefy and creamily wagyu. The only downside was the size, and after 600g my body was whimpering “No more…” but my mouth said “More steak!”


(It doesn’t look finished here but I did finish it I promise)

How well it’s cooked (impeccably) – 9.8

Flavour (Mind blowing) – 9.5

Tenderness (Wagyu Crossbreed winning) – 8.8

Overall – 9.4


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