The Noble Experiment – Collingwood

The Noble Experiment


(First off, an apology on the photo quality on some, new camera lens)


I went to the Noble Experiment with intrigue and excitement. I knew from the beginning I was ordering a majority of the menu (because it looked so good) and I invited several people to accomplish it.

I ordered everything and told them to stagger it however they feel it should be done. In no particular order, baked Cauliflower, fried Brussel sprouts, Beef short rib, 12 hour slow roasted lamb shoulder, twice cooked pork cheek and the wagyu tartare. I also opted for a steak to finish; the wagyu 7+ hanger rare for my main, served with aloit potatoes and a fantastic sounding whisky and wine jus.

The tartare, Brussel sprouts and lamb shoulder came out in the first round.

I first started with the brussel sprouts, and I will never eat them any other way. Sweet, slightly salted, and crisp. Amazing little morsels of goodness.
Next up the lamb; it was soft and flakey with a good mix of flavours, served along with an incredible jus that made it even better.

The tartare was good but had a weird texture and was served in a way I’d never seen, and didn’t really like. This was probably my least favourite dish of the night.


The second round included the rib, pork cheek and some chips we ordered.

First off I tried the rib and it was one of, if not the best rib dish I’ve had. I have nothing negative to say about it. It was the beat dish of the night.


Pork cheeks were epic, soft and crispy with a chilli hit, cooled with some mayo on the bottom of each piece.

Last out to share was the chefs specialty: the beer and cheese baked Cauliflower. It was great, a whole head of cauliflower baked and served with a cheesy beer sauce. The top also had a real nice crunch to it.

My steak came out last, and it looked good but the plate was missing a colour to break up the white potatoes next to the charred steak.

It was perfectly balanced, and an all-round eating pleasure. The flavour was that of a well-seasoned, charred piece of buttery beef. It had a fantastic texture, flakey and somewhat creamy, and tender to match. It was cooked to a rare medium, which after cutting and seeing a significant amount of marbling (more than I expected), turned out to be better than rare, as more fat melted into it.

The sauce was also great and went with the peppery cheesy mash amazingly.

Lastly to cap off the night we ordered once of every dessert.


A chocolate spiced cake.

A beetroot parfait.

And maple custard with a bacon crumble.

All were amazing.


How well it’s cooked (A tad over) – 8.4

Flavour (balanced and brillaint) – 9.3

Tenderness (textually soft) – 8.1

Overall – 8.7
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2 thoughts on “The Noble Experiment – Collingwood

    1. I’m not really a cocktail man so I can’t comment on them, but their wine was reasonably priced and well selected as was the same with their whisky.

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