The Meat and Wine Co – Southbank

The Meat and Wine Co.


My girlfriend is a terrible creature of habit; she loves certain things, and is particularly fond of the steak at the Meat and Wine Co. I’ve been there before a handful of times, and having never had an overly enjoyable experience she decided that before I moved to Sydney we had to go so she could prove its worth going back for.


After walking in and taking a seat I was taken back. Nothing about the place was familiar, it seemed completely re-invented.

The menu was long, but I got it down to two things: the wagyu rump, which I ordered medium rare, with chips and mash along with the pork ribs with onion rings. Sauce wise with the steak we ordered the Portuguese and garlic sauces, and at $4 each I had high expectations.


The steak, a visually appealing piece of meat, came out first, uniform grill marks all over with a thin layer of basting present and a delicious aroma coming off it.

Cooked to a rare middle but medium rare elsewhere there was little complaint from me. Biting in, the tenderness was good, but it was a rump so it was nothing mind blowing, although it was better than some cut’s I’ve had before.


Flavour and texture wise the waygu stands out, even if only subtly. A slight creaminess, a delightful sweet beefy richness and a caramelized charred in every bite, lingering just long enough to keep you wanting more. The sauces were not worth the $4, better to eat the steak as it comes.


The Ribs were good, enjoyable but nothing special. Not nearly charred enough the first time (the picture’s from after we sent them back) and not tender enough for pork ribs. The sauce was great, layered with flavour, but let down by second rate ribs.

As for the sides, the chips and onion rings were great. Actually, the onion rings were fantastic. The mash however was average and was left barely eaten.
The Meat and Wine Co surprised me. Compared to the last time I was there it was a great experience (bar the ribs) and I can see why people come for the steaks. While I won’t be coming back I won’t have a judgmental tone of “why are you going there?” next time someone tells me they’re headed here.


How well it’s cooked (rareish medium) – 8.6

Flavour (basted Char) – 8.2

Tenderness (Satisfactory) – 7.3

Overall – 8.0


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3 thoughts on “The Meat and Wine Co – Southbank

    1. Hey!

      Thanks for the Comment!

      I’m not sure, it would give an unfair advantage to anyone who did as they’d know when I was there and who I was, but i don’t take into account the service so if the food isn’t great it wouldn’t matter too much.

      They can contact me at

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