Little Bao – Hong Kong

Little bao
Central, Hong Kong


On my first night in Hong Kong I ate 3 separate dinners, Fu Sing, Yung Kee and Little Bao.

Little Bao is located in the Central Soho area, in the same vicinity as LKF.

Outfitted in a heavy urban and western style, playing on an American diner with the bench tops, stools and a lingering fried food smell (mostly because the place was tiny), it seems to have a heavy expat hangout/ party place feel to it.


I had no intention of ordering more than 1 bao and a drink, but the menu just read so appealingly that I ended up getting 3 dishes: the standard pork belly bao, a half serve of short rib pan fried dumplings and the spicy fried chicken bao from the specials menu.

The dishes came out like clockwork, one every 10 minutes, which was just enough time to finish each one and want another.


They started with the pork – It was phenomenal, unlike anything I’ve had in Australia, a completely different style. The bao soft and fluffy, the pork flavoursome and juicy.


Next out the dumplings, I bit into them and the quality of the dumpling was astounding. Nothing but beef and gravy all encased in a lovely dumpling skin, pan fried one side to a crisp delicious perfection and all drizzled with a touch of sesame to finish it off.


Last out was the fried spicy chicken; freshly fried, piping hot served and on the same bao with a blackbean mayo, chilli garlic dressing and a pickle. Simply put, Amazing.

Little Bao is one of the many new wave restaurants, combining western influences with Asian food and culture. A winning combination in my books.


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