Astrolabe – Mt Maunganui, NZ

Mt Maunganui, NZ

In winter, Tauranga and Mt Maunganui are extremely quiet places. Astrolabe was one of the only pubs open, I’d been made aware of its existence via a friends cousin.

The place was very cool, giving off this heavily retro, slightly brewery vibe; It felt a lot like Melbourne.
The menu read really nicely, and their burger looking fantastic, however I got distracted by the pork taco, blue cheese and peanut wontons and their 250g scotch fillet. The latter I ordered medium rare with some garlic butter and mushroom sauce on the side.

First out was the pork taco, served as an “assemble your own”. It was a fun, albeit messy, start to the meal.

Next out were the dumplings, and they were, to put it nicely, different. Deep fried, overly oily and a less than stellar filling, it was safe to say I didn’t finish them.

Lastly the steak. It was cooked to a medium rather than medium rare. The flavour and tenderness weren’t inherently bad, with the chips, salad and sauces complementing the meal well.


In spite of that, the steak was quite unmemorable. That being said, it was the first steak I’d had since The Grill.

How well it’s cooked – 7.7

Flavour – 6.1

Tenderness – 5.4

Overall – 6.4

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