Chamois Bar & Grill – Mt Cook, NZ

Chamois Bar & Grill
Mt Cook, NZ

A couple of days after Christchurch we found ourselves in Mt Cook.

If you’ve ever been there you’ll know that there are very few options for dinner out there.

My friend and I decided to share some pork ribs and then get our own mains. I almost didn’t order the steak (rib eye), and thinking back on it now I kind of wish I didn’t.


There was nothing inherently bad about the steak, but it was undercooked, which is preferable to being overcooked, but I still need to mark it against how I’ve ordered it (which was medium rare). It didn’t taste like anything except seasoning and had I not ordered it and couldn’t see it I wouldn’t have believed it to be beef.


It came with a couple of sauces, a mushroom and a brandy cream. The mushroom was good and went well with the mash/chips it came with, the brandy cream however was god awful. There is no scenario in which I would ever consider ordering that type of sauce again.


The ribs on the other hand were exceptional. I would order them again in a heartbeat. The sauce was extremely tasty and had layers of flavour, the portion size was good and the grilling done almost to perfection. The only extremely minor complaint was the meat didn’t come away from the bone as easily as some other ribs I’ve had, but that’s picking at bones.


How well it’s cooked – 8.1

Flavour – 3.2

Tenderness – 6.3

Overall – 5.8


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