360 Bar & Dining – Sydney CBD, NSW

360 Bar & Dining
Sydney, NSW



360 Bar and Dining is the resident tourist attraction restaurant in Sydney. It’s located at the top of the center point tower and is a revolving restaurant.

They only have a set menu with the option of 2 or 3 courses.

Not being overly hungry I opted for two courses consisting of a steak for main and the panna cotta for dessert.

My girlfriend went with the Confit duck leg and the “chocolate” for dessert.

My steak was a ranger’s valley Angus striploin with a marble score of 3+, I ordered it medium rare with chips and a béarnaise.


The food came our looking great, the steak had visible marbling and despite slightly over cooked, coming out more medium than medium rare, was still adequately tender with minimal texture change. The beef was great, the 3+ score gave it a lovely balance between fatty and lean.


It was charred and seasoned superbly; the only downside was the salsa verde. I found it overbearing and unnecessary.


The duck was also great, everything on the plate matching perfectly; the only downside was the portion of duck and the confit leg being overly dry.


The desserts came out looking fantastic, the chocolate being the better of the two.


360 is definitely something fun and touristy to do but more than once in my opinion is definitely overkill.


How well it’s cooked – 7.6

Flavour – 8.6

Tenderness – 7.7

Overall – 7.97


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