Lord Nelson Brewery – Sydney CBD, NSW

Lord Nelson Brewery
Sydney, NSW


Lord Nelson is a brew house down in The Rocks/Millers Point area of Sydney. It has a fairly old tavern vibe with a hefty number of brews on tap, including a number of house brewed beer.

They had one steak on their menu, a Sirloin which was chargrilled and served with cafe de paris butter and pomme frites ($30).

I placed my order, cooked rare, and waited until finally it arrived. It came out looking slightly unappealing and plain, and had me worried. The char grill was definitely noticeable, I would even be tempted to say overly so.


I’m going to be blunt here, it was not a very  good piece of meat, and to make matters worse it was cooked just as badly. On the plus side it was somewhat tender and had a heavy char, probably due to the over cooking.


This experience in a sentence was basically greyish, unflavoured meat, fortunately the place is a pretty good drinking venue.


How well it’s cooked – 4.6

Flavour – 3.8

Tenderness – 5.4

Overall – 4.6


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