Blue Gum Hotel – Hornsby, NSW

Blue Gum Hotel
Hornsby, NSW


I’ll be honest; I broke my rule due to the lack of choice around work and have been to the Blue Gum 3 times now. The first two times I was there for lunch I was quite sick (not from the food), and had the beef sliders which were ok, and a schnitzel which was great.

This time round I opted for a steak review. I knew from previous visits I was ordering the 300g wagyu rump. I had it cooked medium rare with chips and salad. I’d usually stick to a rare for a rump, but the menu said 7+ marbling so I really wanted the fat to melt.


The Blue Gum also have a BBQ option, you can cook your own steak on a bbq there.

15 minutes later the steak was ready, it was order and pick up (like so many places I’ve noticed in Sydney).


It looked ok, not a very heavy aroma and slightly thinner than what I was expecting. It was cooked adequately but not amazingly. Upon tasting I was underwhelmed. Slightly under seasoned, no great char and the tenderness was sub-par for a wagyu rump. You definitely couldn’t tell it was 7+ wagyu.


The best part of the meal was probably the pepper sauce, amazingly done.


How well it’s cooked – 7.4

Flavour – 5.9

Tenderness –5.6

Overall – 6.3


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