Felix – Sydney CBD, NSW

Sydney, NSW


Bistrode CBD, my original choice was closed this particular evening for a private event. Wanting something European with a steak on the menu I settled on another Merivale venture, Felix.

It was a Friday and the place was packed. It had a ambiance of grandeur and delight. It was loud and lively with an open kitchen and a seafood bar, letting you watch as your food is created.

The menu wasn’t overly extensive, but still had me unsure what to order. In the end, we characteristically over ordered for entrée: the kingfish tartare, chicken liver pate and potato gnocchi. We ordered the côte de bœufmed rare for main, it came with a jus and a couple of sides. The cut of beef was for 2 and had a minimum of 40 minutes wait time which was perfect considering the amount of food we had coming for the first course.

The cold dishes were first out and I started with the kingfish. It was amazing. Fresh, light, flavorful, and just a delight to eat – so much so I wished there was more.


The pate in comparison was a let-down. Overly livery and had a slightly stale taste. I did have my hopes up, and expected more of a parfait texture rather than the usual pate though. Still, it was probably my least favourite of the night.


The Gnocchi, last out, looked and smelled amazing. I only got one piece as my girlfriend kept it closely guarded, but from what I did taste all the flavours came together in a creamy, soft, salty and slightly sour extravaganza.


Lastly the Cote de boeuf.

It came out looking divine. On show, carved with the bone on top, pont neuf potatoes and two sauces by its side all on a platter.


The beef was cooked marvelously to medium rare almost throughout (the thinner end  went further to medium), the meat was seasoned generously, the sauces and the mustards we were offered playing supporting roles to the rich flavour of the beef. It wasn’t overbearing beefiness, seasonedwith just enough precision to have a balance of flavour and in turn deliciousness.

It wasn’t melt in the mouth by any means, but the tenderness of the cut was up there with what I’ve come to expect of an Angus rib eye with the lovely silky texture of a properly cooked steak.


After a shameful attempt at finishing (we left two pieces) I found out it was only 900g. My pride had been wounded, a poor effort indeed.

I really don’t know who Felix is, but the chefs and staff are serving up (mostly) top notch food with great service.



How well it’s cooked – 8.7

Flavour – 8.2

Tenderness – 7.6

Overall – 8.2


Felix Bistro and Bar on Urbanspoon

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