Bistrode CBD – Sydney CBD, NSW

Bistrode CBD
Sydney CBD, NSW

Being a fan of Jeremy Strode, I’ve wanted to go to Bistrode CBD for a while now.

The menu had 3 steaks; I chose the pasture fed, dry aged, 300g sirloin with nettle butter, rare, and got a side of buttered potatoes to share with a friend, who also ordered the sirloin, medium rare. The place was fairly empty for a Wednesday, and our wait was not long. 15 minutes later the steaks arrived, beautifully charred and smelling fantastic.


As I waited for the butter to melt a little, I snuck in a potato. They were quite flavourful and definitely buttery, but a tad uncooked and didn’t have that nice fluffy potato texture.


I cut into the steak and it was cooked to an impeccable rare. Definitely a great cut, it carried a heavy beef flavour and was fatty and sweet, it made you salivate more as you ate it. It was charred nicely with the added aroma and taste of smokiness this steak had lovely flavour overall.


The butter was good but nothing spectacular. The only downfall of this steak was the tenderness; for the cut and price I was expecting something a little less chewy

Overall I enjoyed the experience at Bistrode CBD, the steak and service was great.


How well it’s cooked – 9.4

Flavour – 8.7

Tenderness – 6.4

Overall – 8.2

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