Chick-In – Melbourne CBD, VIC

Melbourne CBD, VIC

Chick-In is a Korean chicken and beer house tucked away near Southern Cross station down an alley. It feels like a hipster café crossed with the likes of Gami.


I got very over excited on seeing the menu, and for three of us I definitely over ordered.
We ordered the Pork belly, Kimchi fries, corn and cheese and a full chicken.

Now usually the way it works is you order the sauce you want on your chicken and it comes with a small side of coleslaw and pickles. Chick-In does it a little differently, but we’ll get to that.


The pork belly came out first. It was disappointing to say the least. Chewy and barely warm, it was the low point of the meal. Next out the cheese and corn, it was delicious. There was bacon throughout the corn which gave it that extra salty burst.


Lastly the chicken and fries came out.
At this point we had realised there was too much food.

Now the way Chick-in does it is to pile up pieces of delicious fried     chicken, then puts sauces in cups on the side so you choose your own. It still comes with the salad but the pickles were non-existent.
It came with a sweet soy garlic and a sweet chilli.


The soy was great, sticky sweet and garlicky, everything you want from it, but the chilli on the other hand didn’t have nearly enough heat which was slightly disappointing.
On to the chicken, it was crunchy and juicy and flavoured well. The batter was a little over thick but underneath it housed some of the juiciest chicken I’ve ever eaten.

The fries were equally as good and rich. Pork, kimchi and sauces lathered over shoestring fries, the flavour brilliant.

While not as amazing as Gami, it does have an overall quaint and friendly atmosphere, coupled with good chicken.

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