Union Club Hotel – Fitzroy, VIC


Union Club Hotel
Fitzroy, VIC


Not to be confused with the Union Hotel in Brunswick, the Union Club Hotel in Fitzroy is on a quiet street corner. Going inside it looks like it’s stuck in time, transporting you back to the 80’s.

It was a fine Sunday in Melbourne and I was hungry and hot. Wasting no time, I went to the bar and ordered a pint and their 400g king Island rib eye, with fries and salad, medium-rare. I’d visited chick-in the night before and still wanted some fried chicken, so I ordered a side of their southern fried chicken.


I took a seat upstairs and waited. The chicken came out, and it looked bleak. On tasting it was confirmed: dry, loosely crumbed and plain. The best part of the dish was the pickle that came with it.


The steak came out a gruelling 25 minutes later.

Finally it arrived, lack lusted and grey. This steak was bad, there is no beating around the bush. Maybe it was just my luck but the steak was well done and grey with any flavour cooked out of it and no sign of seasoning.


It was pan grilled, and the taste and look suggesting the heat was too low during cooking.

Overall a below average food experience which was met with agreement around the table on everyone’s various dishes.


How well it’s cooked – 3.3

Flavour – 3.7

Tenderness – 4.8

Overall – 4.0

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