le “Relais de l’Entrecote” – Wan Chai, HK

le “Relais de l’Entrecote”
Wan Chai, HK

A classic French restaurant serving nothing but steak frites and desserts.


The place is quite well known in France and has multiple outlets and now they’ve brought their first restaurant to HK in what seems to be a heavy influx of steak frites establishments

The way it works is pretty much the same as La Vache, it’s a trimmed sirloin cooked and served with unlimited French fries, the only difference being their house signature sauce.

I ordered mine rare and requested the sauce on the side so I could judge the beef on it’s own.

There were a couple of late arrivals to our table who had arrived after we ordered, I mention this now because the steak is cut into  7 pieces then serve 4 and the rest later with more fries and sauce, the reason I’ve included this will make sense later.

My first warning sign when I go to a steakhouse and basically any restaurant you’re going to pay more than $40 for a meal is the bread and butter. I know it’s somewhat elitist and weird but it’s what I do.


Now le Relais de l’Entrecote was in trouble, the bread looked like those bake at home rolls from Woolworths and the butter one of those little packets, the fact that it was french was the only redeeming quality.

The salad came out first, my first observation was no radishes, my second, the dressing was quite mustardy vs the usual vinaigrette. It was nice but out of the three I’ve been to it would rank last.


I was surprised at how fast the food came out, the steak just after the chips showed up. At first sight they were brown and crunchy, on tasting they were a little overcooked and laden with oil while also desperately needing salt.


The meat was extremely tender but it seemed to be because it had been tenderised to submission, still, the sauce was nice, it gave the dish flavour and covered the fact that the beef was average, nothing standout with a very  light flavour with average char, with the addition of the sauce it was clear why there was no seasoning.


It was unfortunately nothing to write home about and after reading reviews and the hype I was disappointed. Do try to get them to serve other half quickly, the waitress waited for our friends to get their first serve before serving our second and it had cooked through to a medium which was a shame.


How well it’s cooked – 7.4

Flavour – 5.4

Tenderness – 8.3

Overall – 7.1


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