Pink Salt – Double Bay, NSW

Pink Salt
Double Bay, NSW



I dragged some colleagues to pink salt when we were in the area one night, I wanted desperately to try their fried chicken I had seen a picture of a couple of weeks before.

After some uming and ahing I convinced them to give it a shot.

We got settled at a table and ordered some starters to share, the chicken of course and the scallops,
for mains we each decided to get the steak, I ordered the Grass fed 300g Sirloin, rare.


First out the popcorn chicken, and let me tell you It was literally like KFC popcorn chicken, the main difference and standout of the dish was the sauce. It gave the chicken another level above what was disappointingly basic fried chicken.


The scallops next were cooked astoundingly. texture and colours were perfect and while the dish as a while the dish as a whole was good, it still lacked that “wow” factor.


Lastly out was the steak. it was something of a fusion between Asian flavours and European flavours but there was nothing linking the two worlds together.


It was rare in the middle but not evenly cooked. The char was great, as was the seasoning coupled with the fatty texture but the actual beef had no presence.

The meal while visually appealing lacked a certain flair and finishing in the flavour department.


How well it’s cooked – 7.9

Flavour – 6.9

Tenderness – 6.3

Overall – 7.1


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