Ruth Chris’ – Admiralty, HK

Ruth Chris’
Admiralty, HK


I walked into Ruth Chris’ and the first thing that came to mind was elegant

It’s old fashioned and American playing on a time gone past, waiters in tuxes, wood grain everything.


I perused the menu and came to the conclusion their 340g rib eye (really a scotch fillet, off the bone) would best fit my needs with a side of mash potatoes.


I had it cooked medium rare, all their steaks are served on a sizzling plate served with butter, pepper and salt.

The place to my astonishment was basically empty so my steak arrived very quickly.


My first impression of the meal was “This is American”, an American piece of beef sizzling with butter with mash potatoes. I cut in and waited (the plate was seriously hot)  fatty, charred and grilled aroma and flavour, flavoured (simple salt and pepper) and flavoursome beef. Butter is good but at times too much.


The plate was a plus and a minus too, kept it hot but at the start too hot, and it suffered some overcooking but nothing as bad as le Relais. Tenderness was exactly what I was expecting, just easily chewable with a bit of firmness. Probably helped along by great medium rare cooking, well more rare medium but the hot plate helped it out.


Definitely a different steak we’re used to at home, a Very heavy and greasy meal with great flavour.

This is a rarely steak. As in if you want to live, eat it rarely.


How well it’s cooked – 8.6

Flavour – 8.8

Tenderness – 7.6

Overall – 8.4


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